2018-2019 Catalog

BIO 378 Animal Behavior

Emphasizes the evolutionary approach to the study of animal behavior, drawing broadly from the various disciplines within biology concerned with the factors that determine which organisms survive and reproduce. The course material will be divided into four broad categories: sensory capabilities, feeding patterns, spacing patterns, and reproduction. For each topic, theory and application will be presented. Students will analyze research papers and lead discussions on an aspect of each major topic. The laboratory portion of the course will focus on observational and experimental approaches to studying animal behavior in the lab and in the field. We will make use of local resources, such as zoos, aquaria, wildlife conservation areas, veterinarians, and animal rehabilitation facilities. An independent research project is required. This course is designed for Biology majors, although it would be appropriate for students from other majors. Includes one three-hour laboratory per week and weekend field trips to be announced.


4 units


Any 100-level Biology course (except BIO 103) or permission of instructor


BIO 378L

Core Requirements Met

  • Laboratory Science