CSP 2 Science and You

Who should you believe: the sculpted Adonis who attributes his heavenly body solely to Product A, or your middle-aged doctor as he looks over horn-rimmed glasses and preaches to you his mantra of fruits and vegetables? This course will explore how science is portrayed to the public, with the aim of deconstructing issues to objectively evaluate the merits of the arguments. The first part of the course will explore in great depth the perpetual, self-corrective process of the scientific method to demonstrate the necessity of research and contradictory viewpoints. The focus will then shift towards topics that include, among others, health/fitness, biotech, and the environment. Be prepared: This course includes a rigorous writing component, requires intensive group work both within the classroom (e.g., presentations) and beyond (e.g., community engagement), and emphasizes development of oral presentation skills. Students enrolling in this course must have a solid background in high school chemistry and biology.


4 units


Open only to first year frosh