DWA 401 Human Development Task Force at the UN

The abilities to locate, compile, synthesize, evaluate and compellingly present complex and up-to-date knowledge on rapidly changing global issues - and to do so in a team - are highly valued across public, private and civil society sectors. This course helps students learn and practice how to research, write and present an extended policy/practice oriented report for a real-world client in the United Nations system on a contemporary topic in world affairs, and practice being part of a high-functioning team. The topic and thus the client will be unique each time the course is taught. Being physically present at and working in the United Nations system in New York will allow for conversations with global thought leaders and leading technical experts on the designated topic of the Task Force. The skills acquired and applied in the Task Force will help students stand out as they venture into the world and towards the jobs and activities they are passionate about.


4 units


DWA 102