POLS 282 Seminar in Washington Politics: Environmental Law and Policy Studies

Washington Internship provides Occidental College students with an opportunity to learn about D.C. politics and policy making through first-hand experience through the Washington Internship Institute. Students receive a full semester of college credit (16 units) while volunteering full-time for a branch of government a policy non-profit or a media organization that covers politics. This course focuses on environmental law and public policy. Enrollment limited to students participating in the Washington Internship Institute Program. Course fulfills upper-division American Politics requirement for the major.

Students who participate in Campaign Semester take the following three courses (POLS 280, POLS 281, and either POLS 282, POLS 283, POLS 284, POLS 285, or POLS 286) simultaneously. 

Students enrolled in the Washington Internship Institute in D.C. are required to enroll in one of five courses on policy-making (POLS 282, POLS 283, POLS 284, POLS 285, or POLS 286). 


4 units


POLS 101


POLS 280 and POLS 281

Core Requirements Met

  • United States Diversity