2018-2019 Catalog

UEP 304 Research Methods for Urban and Environmental Policy

This course trains students in research methods and analysis to understand environmental economic social and political issues relevant to urban planning environmental studies and related policy areas. Students will learn quantitative and qualitative methods with a particular emphasis on community based research methods. Through class lectures discussions field work and group presentations students learn and apply the most commonly used strategies for collecting analyzing and presenting data used in urban and environmental policy research and analysis. Students will work with commonly used data sets such as the Census data sources for health property ownership toxic releases campaign contributions and other information used in urban planning environmental and public policy research. Students will also learn qualitative and basic quantitative research methods including survey construction and analysis participant observation case studies methodologyinterview techniques and basic data analysis using excel.The course will also address ethical challenges raised during collaborative research alongside community-based partners and advocacy groups. The course provides the research fundamentals for the comprehensive research projects in the UEP major.


4 units


UEP 101, UEP 106, POLS 106, or by permission of instructor