Student Conduct

The Dean of Students Office and/or the Office of Student Conduct may direct the Registrar to place a hold on a Student’s College records while conduct proceedings are pending, as part of a sanction involving restitution for damages to a Complainant, Complaining Witness, or College property, or as part of an outstanding educational assignment. 

The College will notate the student's transcript with "Administrative Matter Pending," once a formal investigation of alleged misconduct has begun for all Title IX cases and any Student Conduct case that may result in suspension or expulsion. That notation will be removed after the Student Conduct and/or Title IX process has been completed. In instances where both processes are undertaken, the notation will be removed after the last process is completed.

In any case in which the final outcome is either "Suspension" or "Expulsion," the sanction will be permanently noted on the transcript. In addition, the dates of the suspension or expulsion will be noted on the transcript.

Please see the Student Handbook for college policies, including the Code of Student Conduct. Also see link of Sexual Respect and Title IX.