Major Requirements

The DWA major completes six core courses (24 units), a language requirement, and at least four more courses in international relations, two of which must be DWA courses. 


Core Courses (24 units, 6 courses)

DWA 101International Relations: The Changing Rules of the Game

4 units

DWA 102International Organizations

4 units

DWA 103Introduction to Global Political Economy

4 units

ECON 101Principles of Economics I

4 units

One DWA course at the 300-level

4 units

DWA 490Senior Seminar

4 units

Additional Electives:

Four additional classes numbered 200 or higher in Diplomacy and World Affairs at the College. At least two of these courses must be in DWA. Department credit can be given for up to two courses in international relations from a different Occidental academic department, the United Nations Program, or from study abroad; off-campus courses must be approved by the department chair prior to departure.

Language Proficiency

Students must complete the equivalent of four college semesters of one language (202), or two college semesters each of two languages (102).  The language requirement is waived (pending verification by a language professor) if a student is a native speaker of any given language other than English.