DWA is Occidental College's nationally recognized International Relations (IR) major. This innovative department grounds students in IR theory, security and human security, international organizations, economic development, and case studies regarding state-building, nationalism, religion, identity, and ethnic conflict. Recognizing the variety of academic connections that can inform the study of global politics, offerings in the Economics, History, Politics, Religious Studies, and Urban and Environmental Policy departments can be used by students to supplement the DWA major's core offerings.

The Chevalier Program in DWA was established in 1957 by the late Mrs. Stuart Chevalier to honor the memory of her husband, a distinguished lawyer and pioneer leader on behalf of the United Nations, who for 19 years served as a member of Occidental's Board of Trustees. The program is one of the few undergraduate interdisciplinary majors in international relations offered at a Liberal Arts institution such as Occidental.


DWA students are strongly encouraged to participate in study and research programs abroad and on Occidental's UN program in New York. Students interested in this rich array of opportunities should work with an advisor to plan their curriculum to include language and other prerequisite courses as early as possible


Opportunities of interest to DWA graduates include service with U.S. government agencies, such as the Department of State and the Foreign Service, the Peace Corps, the Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as careers with the United Nations or one of its affiliated agencies, and in the non-governmental organization (NGO) community. Students also have an opportunity to prepare themselves for work in the general fields of international business and banking, law, journalism, or the academic world.