2020-2021 Catalog

Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

Each student is charged a tuition fee that covers about two-thirds of the cost of services provided by the College. The balance of these costs is met by income from endowment and by gifts from trustees, parents, alumni, other friends, corporations, and foundations interested in the type of education that this institution provides.

The expenses of students at Occidental are shown in the schedules that appear below. The College reserves the right to change fees, modify its services, or change its program should economic conditions or national emergency make it necessary to do so.

The College will charge all full-time students $56,576 per year. If the student resides on campus, an additional charge will be assessed per the room-and-board schedule below. Books and supplies, special fees, and personal expenses will vary with the individual. The College estimates they will total approximately $4,000 per year.

2020-2021 Tuition and General Fees (Per Semester)

Please see explanations below regarding certain of these items:

Full-time (12 or more units) $27,990.00
Part-time per unit rate 2,333.00
Room 4,725.00
Single room premium 650.00
Board (Plan A — alternate board plans listed below) 3,600.00
Student body fee 151.50
Renewable energy & sustainability fee 10.75
Diversity & Equity Board fee 10.75
Student Health fee 125.00
Student Health Insurance - (may be waived) 1,297.00

Tuition and Commitment Deposit

Tuition is the charge for instruction and general services of the College, including privileges of the library, gymnasium, swimming pool, and health center; admission to all athletic events sponsored by the College; and graduation.

Upon acceptance for admission to Occidental, a commitment deposit of $500 is required. The deposit will be forfeited should enrollment at Occidental not occur. Commitment deposits are non-interest bearing.

The commitment deposit will be credited toward the student’s account at the end of the last academic semester in attendance. In the event that the student elects not to return to the College, and therefore does not graduate, the deposit will be released at the time of declaration not to return. Deposits will be held for students on official leave of absence from the College, pending their return.

Room and Board

All students who hold a room contract for traditional campus housing must purchase one of the four room-and-board contracts available per semester (board plans are optional for residents of Berkus House, SAE, Theta House and the Food Justice House):

Room Board Total
Plan A+
Plan A
$4,725 $4,015
Plan B $4,725 $3,575 $8,300
Plan C $4,725 $3,245 $7,970
Plan D (Plan D is not available to first-year students.) $4,725 $2,970 $7,695

Meal plan changes are available online through the first Friday of classes each semester. On-line changes are free. Changes after this date require a visit to the Card Office, and a fee of $5 (cash or check only) will apply. The deadline for meal plan changes each semester is 5 p.m. on the Friday of the first full week of classes. For complete information on dining and meal plans, please see the Campus Dining website:


Change in Meal Plan $5

Replacement of lost ID card with same photo $20

Replacement of lost ID card with new photo $25

ID card replacement  5th - 9th card; additional fee $45

ID card - replacement - 10th card or higher; additional fee $55

ID card - rush - additional fee * $40

*ID cards without rush are produced and available at a set time each day

The Card Office manages meal plan changes and ID card replacement:


Board charges will be prorated to the date of change in status, except that adjustments will not be made for an absence of one week or less, nor for the first week of a prolonged absence.

Student Body Fee

The student body fee is required of all students. (Exchange students from Caltech and Art Center College of Design are exempt.) The fee is established and collected by the College for the support of student body organizations and activities, including publication of a weekly newspaper and production of the yearbook. Student body funds are administered by the Associated Students of Occidental College. In extraordinary circumstances, the president of the College is authorized to take whatever action is deemed necessary with respect to the expenditure of these funds or the use of student body facilities and properties.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fee

Money for the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund will be raised by a $10.75 dollar per student per semester Renewable Energy and Sustainability fee on ASOC members, as part of the student body fee. The student body at a general election may increase this fee by majority vote. Money not spent or invested at the end of each year will accrue in savings and be available to the fund in future years.

Diversity and Equity Board Fee

Money for the Diversity and Equity Board Fund will be raised by a $10.75 dollar per student per semester DEB fee on ASOC members, as part of the student body fee. The fund shall be used at the discretion of the Board towards projects, events, and other proposals put forth by any student or faculty member of Occidental College that seeks to have a campus-wide impact. Use of the fund must specifically relate to the mission of the Diversity and Equity Board and all uses of the fund shall be communicated to the general student body.

Student Health Fee

Emmons Student Wellness Center is an integrated wellness center, with highly coordinated psychological and medical care, professional case management, advocacy, a student driven advisory council, and educational offerings.  Many of these services are either not reimbursed by insurance companies, or Emmons has chosen to offer such services at no cost to students.  The Health Services fee will be utilized to support such services. 

Student Health Insurance (may be waived)

All students must have health insurance in order to enroll at Oxy. While many students are covered under a parent’s policy and others have their own insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), those who don’t (or whose policies do not meet minimum standards) and international students are required to purchase insurance through the Occidental Student Health Insurance Program (OSHIP). The insurance premium cost for the 2020-2021 academic year is $2,594. While limited grants are available through the Emmons Wellness Center, they are only awarded to students who have exhausted all other cost-effective options.