2021-2022 Catalog

EDUC 350 Freire, Fanon, and Freedom in Education

"How can the oppressed as divided unauthentic beings participate in developing the pedagogy of their liberation?" This course focuses on Freire's theoretical, pedagogical, and practical contributions to contemporary movements in critical pedagogy, critical literacy, and educating for "social justice". Beginning with Franz Fanon's influences on Freirean thinking about revolution and decolonization, we will analyze the construction of the "Pedagogy of the Oppressed". We pay particular attention to the role of the Hegelian dialectic as a driving philosophical method, as well as the significance of Freirean themes in understanding contemporary schooling, education, community activism, and vocation in general. Students will analyze, critique, and reflect upon their own framing philosophies for personal engagement with oppressed peoples and communities - towards the broader goal of defining an individual role in the development of a pedagogy of the oppressed that both negotiates and is informed by students' multiple identities.


4 units


Any 200-level EDUC course, or permission of instructor

Core Requirements Met

  • Global Connections