2021-2022 Catalog

POLS 340 Rebellious Lawyering

Pursuing effective change particularly in today's complex world requires creative collaborative efforts to identify and implement solutions to achieve a more radically participatory democracy. Rebellious Lawyering considers the related theories of legal scholars who have reconceptualized legal practice to transform systems through both legal and community knowledge. This scholarship has been defined as rebellious lawyering third-dimensional lawyering collaborative lawyering democratic lawyering and community lawyering. All of these theories impart a common vision of lawyering for social change in stark contrast to the traditional or regnant model. The praxis of Rebellious Lawyering (POLS 340) and Community Law Internship (POLS 260) creates a balanced context from which students develop critical consciousness question assumptions of power privilege and identity learn to respect community decision-making capacities expand their understanding of the importance of relationships in the pursuit of social change and remain open to learning from the lived-experiences" of the community. The unique co-requisite course design allows students to engage in a weekly seminar (POLS 340) work as law clerks in community-based public interest legal service organizations (POLS 260) and interact with Los Angeles activists and lawyers as part of a speaker series. Instructor permission required. Can be repeated once for credit.

Sub-field: PUBLIC LAW


4 units


POLS 260

Core Requirements Met

  • United States Diversity