Students whose semester or cumulative GPA is below 2.0 will normally be placed on academic probation  for the following semester. (First-year students finishing their first semester—not transfers—will be placed on probation if the GPA is below 1.85.) In addition, students with GPAs at or above 2.0 may be placed on probation if they appear to be making unsatisfactory progress toward meeting graduation requirements (through withdrawals, Incompletes, dropped courses, etc.). The purpose of academic probation is not punitive; its intention is to alert students to developing problems that may jeopardize their eventual graduation from Occidental, and to urge them to take immediate action to address these problems. Students placed on academic probation will receive a letter announcing this status, with requirements that they consult with the Dean of Students Office and their academic advisers to devise a plan for academic success and a return to good academic standing.