Students who achieve a GPA below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters are subject to suspension.  In making this determination the Student Progress Committee will consider not only the GPA but also progress toward the degree, patterns of academic improvement or deterioration, and special circumstances. Suspension is intended to provide students who have serious difficulties with time to rethink their academic strategies and relation to Occidental College, with the purpose of having them either return for a successful academic career at Occidental or develop a more successful educational plan elsewhere. It may be assigned for one semester or two immediately following the Committee’s decision. Suspended students are generally required to do coursework at another institution and complete it satisfactorily before readmission to Occidental, which must occur following the guidelines for readmission after a Withdrawal from the College or Leave of Absence. Specific requirements for suspended students are set forth in letters sent to them notifying them of the Committee’s decision.

Students who achieve a GPA of 0.75 or below in any semester will normally be automatically  suspended for the following semester.

Students earning GPAs below 2.0 for three consecutive semesters will normally be automatically suspended for one year.