Fellowships Advising

National and International Fellowships

External fellowships and scholarships are those funded by government agencies, philanthropic foundations, professional associations, or academic institutions. They provide opportunities not readily available otherwise. Awardees can attend graduate school (often abroad), gain professional experience, teach English in another country, pursue independent projects, or work at a research institute. Some opportunities are open to current undergraduates; others are open only to seniors and graduates.

Each funder and fellowship has its own set of criteria, and most expect strong academic achievement. Other highly valued qualifications are:

•    demonstrated leadership

•    community work

•    campus engagement

•    research experience

Individual awards may limit eligibility by age, citizenship, past residency, foreign language proficiency, or other factors. Certain fellowships require nomination by the applicant’s college or university. 

The Office of National and International Fellowships supports Occidental College candidates for highly competitive, often prestigious, awards. The Fellowships office works with a faculty advisory committee and the Undergraduate Research Office, the International Programs Office, the Office of Community Engagement, the Office of Student Life, the Writing Center, and the HCC. First year students are encouraged to meet with the Director of National and International Fellowships to explore near-term awards and prepare for future ones. 

For more information about the Office of National and International Fellowships, visit 111 Hameetman Career Center or see http://www.oxy.edu/national-international-fellowships