Transfer Students

A student transferring from another college or university may complete their First Stage writing requirement by:

  1. Transferring two expository writing-composition courses passed with a “C” or higher from a previous college or university. These courses must be approved by the Writing Programs Director and the College Registrar. Transfer students must request a review and potential approval of these courses in their first semester at Oxy. If a student does not request this review in their first semester, they may be required to fulfill the requirement through options 2 or 3 below. Please note: literature courses (even in an English department) or other courses where papers were required (even if numerous) will not fulfill the transfer course option.
  2.      Demonstrating writing proficiency through the submission of a Writing Portfolio. This option is available only to students who have taken and passed (with a “C” or higher) at least one expository writing-composition course at a previous college or university. This course must be approved by the Writing Programs Director and the College Registrar prior to the student’s submission of a portfolio. If a student meets the one-course stipulation and requests the portfolio option, the portfolio must be submitted no later than March 1st of their junior year. If a student does not meet all deadlines to request and submit the portfolio or does not submit a complete portfolio, they will be required to take WRD 201 to fulfill their First Stage writing requirement. For more detailed information about the portfolio submission, students must contact the Writing Programs Director, Julie Prebel by February 1st of the junior year.
  3. Completing WRD 201 with a passing grade of “C” or higher. If a student does not meet the above criteria to complete the First Stage requirement by transferring two courses or transferring one course plus submission of a passing portfolio, they must take WRD 201. Students are advised to take WRD 201 as soon as possible after matriculating to Oxy. Students are also advised to work with their academic adviser to ensure the completion of 201 along with any other Core and major requirements. Please note: “not enough room in the schedule” or waiting too long to take this course will not exempt a student from the requirement to take WRD 201. If a student does not pass 201, they must re-take the course (preferably with a different instructor) until they receive the required passing grade.