Plan of Study for Candidates for the M.A. Degree

At the time of acceptance for graduate study, each degree candidate is assigned a major advisor. The student and the advisor share the joint responsibility to formulate a consistent plan of study that is within the policies of the College and the major department. The plan of study should include a schedule for meeting all degree requirements. Graduate full-time status is nine or more units.

Credit for a graduate degree may be given for Occidental courses (including summer offerings) numbered 500 and above, but not for any course taken in fulfillment of requirements for a Bachelor’s degree. As a general policy, the College does not accept transfer graduate credit from other institutions; however, students receiving Veterans Benefits should submit documentation of their prior graduate work to the Graduate Office for evaluation of potential credit toward their degree. Courses numbered 500 and above are ordinarily limited to graduate students. However, advanced and specially qualified undergraduates may be permitted to enroll in such courses by special petition to the instructor, the department chair and the director of Graduate Studies. In special circumstances, by additional petition to the director of Graduate Studies, credit toward the master of arts degree also may be granted provided the course is not required to fulfill a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate full-time status is nine or more units.