2017-2018 Catalog

HIST 353 Catholicism and Social Justice in the Americas

This seminar explores the cultural and social history of progressive Catholic activism throughout the Americas in the twentieth century in order to understand Catholicism's contributions to the development of a robust public sphere and faith based counterculture. Through transnational and interdisciplinary approaches we will examine the role that lay Catholics and rebel priests and nuns have played in the struggle for economic justice, human rights, and world peace. Topics will include: the Catholic Worker Movement, liberation theology, the Marycrest and Solentiname experiments, Base Ecclesial Communities, death penalty abolition, peace networks, Catholics for Choice, New Ways Ministry, and the Sanctuary Movement. Los Angeles as a field of study will occupy a significant place in our exploration with site visits to the El Salvador Community, Corridor Catholic Worker communities, and Homeboy Industries.


4 units


HIST 102 or HIST 151 or LLAS 101

Core Requirements Met

  • Global Connections