2017-2018 Catalog

MAC 145 Introduction to Digital Media and Culture

Born Digital, Growing Up Digital, Teaching Digital Natives, Understanding the Digital Generation ... these are just some of the titles in a veritable explosion of guidebooks on how thinking, learning, and doing have changed in a world transformed by digital, networked, and social media. In this course, we take a critical look at the theories and prophesies on the "Net Gen"; we explore and assess new digital possibilities for communicating, teaching, and learning; and we think critically, contextually, and historically about the ways in which new media forms and practices shape identity, community, sociality, creativity, privacy, civic engagement, and everyday life. Class projects will enable students to experiment with, and gain, practical experience applying a range of media 2.0 technologies to their own academic work. Should be completed by the end of the sophomore year for Media Arts and Culture majors. 


4 units

Core Requirements Met

  • Fine Arts