2017-2018 Catalog

MATH 392 Mathematical Models in Biology

This course is intended to introduce students to common models used in biology. A variety of models, in terms of both biology and mathematics, will be covered. Biological topics include: action potential, generation genetic spread, cell motion, and pattern formation and circulation. These topics span a range of mathematical models, as well as including finite difference equations, and differential equations both linear and non-linear. The focus will be on model analysis and the translation between the mathematical language and the biological meaning. Such analysis will be done both quantitatively and qualitatively. Towards this end, topics seen in previous mathematical courses such as eigenvalues, phase portraits, and stability will be revisited. Relevant biology will be presented with each model. The course will be project based.


4 units


MATH 212 and MATH 214 or permission of instructor

Core Requirements Met

  • Mathematics/Science