2017-2018 Catalog

MATH 395 Special Topics in Advanced Mathematics

Special topics in advanced mathematics selected largely by student interest and faculty agreement. May be repeated for credit. 

Advanced Differential Equations 

The course will consist of advanced topics in differential equations not usually seen in either ordinary differential equations or partial differential equations, such as: delay differential equations and stochastic differential equations. Boundary value problems, numerical methods, and infinite series solutions. 

Prerequisite: MATH 340 or MATH 342 or permission of instructor. 

Knot Theory

How knots are described mathematically, how one can distinguish different knots, create new knots, classify knots. Topics include: Reidemeister moves, links, knot colorings, alternating knots, braids, knots and graphs, knot invariants, mirror images, unknotting, number crossing, number applications to biology and chemistry.

Prerequisite: MATH 210, MATH 212, or MATH 214 or permission of instructor


4 units