2017-2018 Catalog

UEP 210 Transportation and Living Streets

Transportation and Living Streets is a class about streets: how streets influence the built environment and community life and how the use and design of streets embody competing visions of urban futures. Streets are like the DNA of a city or neighborhood. The ways that streets are designed regulated maintained and used impact more than traffic patterns. Streets exert influence over the buildings that line them. Streets and sidewalks affect how it "feels" to spend time in a community-whether people want to be out and about in a neighborhood; how they impact health and the local economy; how they determine mobility walkability and bikeability; and how they shape daily and civic life and the diversity and openness of public places. This course will be taught in the classroom and on the streets of Los Angeles. Students will read and learn about the history of streets policy debates on how to use and change streets and social movements advocating for living streets. Students will also perform street observations and engage in community based learning by assisting community efforts to re-envision local streets.


4 units


UEP 101 or POLS 106 (may be taken concurrently)