History is one of the most vital and comprehensive subjects in the Occidental College curriculum. Our department offers a broad diversity of courses and approaches covering every time period, and cultures from all over the globe. Students will become familiar with intellectual, social, political, comparative, and oral history, and may select from a wide spectrum of courses including such geographical areas as Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, and such topical areas as Women's History, the History of Science and Medicine, revolution, and history in film. The faculty recognizes that students will develop their own perspectives on the material presented, and welcomes close interaction with motivated and involved majors. History is, after all, an exciting kind of detective work, finding and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to enhance our understanding of the past, but also of the present, and perhaps even the future. Some history majors go on to further studies in the field, but because of their wide exposure to various times and cultures, they are well prepared for almost any career. Besides providing a background for anyone interested in a truly liberal education, History helps prepare students for the fields of law, business, Foreign Service, librarianship, museum work, historic preservation, journalism, environmental studies, and teaching from primary and secondary through university levels.