Major Requirements


The minimum requirements for the major outlined below allow a student great flexibility in designing a course of study to meet their own intellectual and career goals.

Fundamental courses

Calculus 1Scientific Modeling and Differential Calculus

4 units

Calculus 2Scientific Modeling and Integral Calculus

4 units

MATH 210Discrete Mathematics

4 units

MATH 212Multivariable Calculus

4 units

MATH 214Linear Algebra

4 units

*Any student who places out of a Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 class satisfies the corresponding requirement for the Math Major.

Advanced courses

Students must have 24 units of Mathematics courses numbered 310 or above (excluding MATH 400) in which their grade point average is equal to or greater than 2.0.

Colloquium requirement

MATH 300Junior Colloquium

2 units

MATH 400Senior Colloquium

2 units

Breadth requirement

Select one option as detailed below:

Option 1

MATH 150Statistical Data Analysis

4 units

Option 2

COMP Computer Science courses


Option 3

MATH 160Creative Problem-Solving

2 units

COMP Computer Science course


The Mathematics department has prepared guidelines for majors considering future study or careers in pure and applied mathematics, education, actuarial science, and computer science. These guidelines are available on our website.


Students majoring in Mathematics should familiarize themselves with this requirement at the time of declaring the major. The Second-Stage Writing Requirement is addressed in MATH 300. Students not taking MATH 300 (e.g., study abroad students) may petition to satisfy the writing requirement at a different time.


This examination has two parts. The first part measures competence in the fundamental courses and is handled during MATH 300: Junior Colloquium. The second part is fulfilled by completing 4 units of MATH 400: Senior Colloquium. Further information is available from the department.


Students who wish to be considered for honors in Mathematics should complete at least the five fundamental courses in their first two years with a grade point average greater than 3.0, and pass the Comprehensive Exam on their first attempt.  Honors students must also complete three approved upper-division courses beyond those required for the major by the end of Senior year.  Honors students must obtain signed approval from a mentor by the end of the Junior year, and  should enroll in MATH 499 for the fall semester of Senior year.  For Honors students, MATH 499 is substituted for MATH 400 in satisfying the major requirements. Consult the Mathematics Department and the Honors Program for additional details.