Mathematics Placement


Placement in calculus courses (MATH 108, MATH 110, MATH 114, or MATH 128) is determined based on previous mathematical experience, advising, and the results of the Calculus Placement Exam. The Calculus Placement Exam is administered online prior to the beginning of Fall Semester.

Students with qualifying scores on the Advanced Placement or IB Examination in Calculus are most often placed in calculus courses as follows:

Calculus AP Exam Score Which Math course to take
BC 4 or 5 MATH 150, MATH 210, MATH 212, or MATH 214.
AB 4 or 5
MATH 120 or MATH 128 (after consultation with Math Dept)
AB or BC 3 or less
Take Calculus Placement Exam
IB Exam Score  
Which Math course to take
IB  HL  6 or 7 MATH 150, MATH 210, MATH 212, or MATH 214.
IB  HL 5 MATH 114 or MATH 120 or MATH 128:
IB  HL 4 MATH 110 or MATH 114
IB HL 3 or less Take Calculus Placement Exam
 IB IS SL (any score)
Take Calculus Placement Exam

In addition to the calculus courses, MATH 105, MATH 146, MATH 150, MATH 160, MATH 210, MATH 212, MATH 214, and COMP 131 may be taken by first-year students meeting the prerequisites.

Students with transfer credits should confer with the Department for advice on placement in an appropriate mathematics course.


Students receiving a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics Exam are exempt from MATH 146; MATH 150 is recommended for these students wanting to take further statistics courses.


Calculus is a prerequisite for all mathematics courses with the exceptions of MATH 105 and MATH 146, as well as for most Computer Science courses. All students planning to take Calculus must take the online Calculus Placement Exam prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester unless they are exempt due to having received an Advanced Placement exam score. (See Calculus Placement above or contact the Mathematics Department for further details.) Prerequisites for any course may be waived with permission of the instructor.