French Studies Requirements

French Studies majors are required to take seven courses, including Fren 202 and six 4-unit courses numbered above 202. Additionally, students must complete a 2-unit senior comprehensive independent study. A maximum of three courses may be taken outside the department, including those taken on study abroad programs. Only one course may be taken in English, with approval from the department. Students are responsible for documenting the work they do abroad, especially regarding independent research, internships, or courses taken directly at a university. A portfolio of their work should be submitted upon their return in order to receive credit towards the French major or minor. French majors must enroll in at least 4 units in the department during their senior year.

When planning their 300-level coursework for the major, we strongly encourage students to take a course on translation, a course with a pre-1800 focus, and a course on Francophonie.

French Studies Requirements

FREN 202Introduction to Literary Analysis/Advanced Composition and Grammar

4 units

Six additional courses above FREN 202

24 units


Students majoring in French may satisfy the second-stage of Occidental's college-wide writing requirement by submission of either a paper written during their junior year or a translation portfolio.


The comprehensive requirements in French consist of a 2-unit senior comprehensive independent study.


Majors in the department with an overall GPA of 3.25 may qualify for Honors at graduation through a distinguished comprehensive thesis or examination. See the Honors Program and consult the major advisor and chair for details by the end of the fall semester, junior year.