2018-2019 Catalog

ARTS 380 Providing Context: Practices of Making, Writing, and Curating Art

This class is designed to introduce students to the practice of writing about and curating contemporary art. Guided by influential texts from sources as varied as blogs, podcasts, magazines, TV shows, zines, vlogs, and, of course, books, we will explore the shifting roles of the contemporary artist, art writer, and curator in today's diverse and globalized art world. Students will put theory into practice by engaging in their own writing about contemporary art in Los Angeles with the goal of creating an expansive critical space for their thoughts to flourish. Additionally, we will investigate conventional and alternative curatorial practices that question the cultural, political, economic, regional, and social contexts shaping the exhibition of contemporary art. Students will mount their own exhibitions designed to question the boundaries of the "white cube gallery," pushing art into surprising public and private spaces. Coursework will include: multiple arts writing assignments, regular visits to a variety of arts venues, and individual and collaborative curatorial projects.


2 units


AHVA major or permission of instructor