2018-2019 Catalog

CTSJ 222 Body Politics

The course offers an interdisciplinary analysis of gender, power, and the body. The theoretical center of the course will be Foucault's work on biopower, including Discipline and Punish and Foucault 2.0. Topics include: class and the body (Atwood's Bodily Harm and Larsen's Passing); law and the female body (Wendy Williams and Mary Poovey); science and gender (Emily Martin and Thomas Laqueur); pornography (Catherine McKinnon and Laura Kipnis); race, body, and gender (Morrison's Beloved; Lauren Berlant and Judith Butler); multiculturalism and cross-race identifications (John Stahl's Imitation of Life and Wyatt's The Hazards of ldealization); and Latin American perspectives on gender, torture, and memory. Open to students with sophomore standing or higher.


4 units