2018-2019 Catalog

CTSJ 275 Humanity and Inhumanity

This course will focus specifically on experimental approaches to scholarly production and is particularly concerned with the theory and practice of playing with writing forms and genres in the course of pursuing intellectual and scholarly goals. We will read Eduardo Galeano's study guide, Upside Down; Marta Savigliano's opera libretto, Angora Matta; Lee Siegel's novel, Love in a Dead Language; and assorted other works that engage in critical work by showing as much as by telling. The emphasis of the course will be on exploring the creativity of scholarliness and the scholarliness of creativity, all within a Critical Theory and Social Justice framework, of course. We may also play around with emergent technologies as ways of producing work -specific possibilities include: YouTube mashups and SOPHIE (a rich media resource for creating digital books that live on the web).


4 units


CTSJ 140, CTSJ 180, or CTSJ 186