2018-2019 Catalog

DWA 295 Topics in Diplomacy and World Affairs

Topics vary semester to semester.

Trump Foreign Policy

Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of America First nationalism and anti-globalization. He expressed views out of the mainstream of bi-partisan United States foreign policy since World War II.  Has President  Trump made good on his promises to change dramatically America's global role or has he had to adjust to  the reality of the current international system and long standing US policies and alliances? This course will survey all aspects of Trump foreign policy in order to try to understand continuity and change in America's role in the world. Students will be asked to examine what Trump has and has not accomplished in the international arena, and to access the costs and benefits of his policies for America and for the global community.


4 units


DWA 101 or POLS 101

Core Requirements Met

  • Global Connections