2018-2019 Catalog

DWA 345 The State, Transnationalism, and Identity in Modern Societies

This course will examine the transformation of states, nations, and identity in the contemporary period. Special focus will be given to how transnational developments (in politics, economics, and culture) are redefining modern societies, particularly as the number of democracies has increased worldwide over the last thirty years. The course will also grapple with the challenges and dilemmas of current states. Democratization does not mean democracies are here to stay—as such the course will discuss de-democratization, democratic backsliding, illiberalism, and populism to understand how everyday individuals are affected. In doing so, the class reflects on the experiences of formerly marginalized populations—including women, poor, and the indigenous—by considering the role of states and international organizations in the lives of everyday individuals. Only open to DWA majors with junior or senior standing.


4 units


DWA 101