2018-2019 Catalog

DWA 368 Junior Seminar: American Grand Strategy: The Perils of Being Number One

America is the most powerful nation in the post-Cold War world but has not, as yet, forged a national consensus on post-Cold War foreign policy. The country and the world have repudiated the neo-Con Unilateralist approach of the Bush administration, but there is no agreed upon substitute. Various authors are proposing strategies from "ethical realism," to "liberal interventionism," to "neo-isolationism," and on. The course will critically examine proposals for a new American Grand Strategy from leading foreign policy thinkers and from groups such as the Princeton project. We will try to agree on what a workable Grand Strategy might be and analyze whether it might have widespread bi-partisan support at home and ample international support abroad. Open only to DWA or Politics majors with junior or senior standing.


4 units


DWA 101 or POLS 101