2018-2019 Catalog

MUSC 249 Recording Techniques

This course explores techniques used for recording music in a studio and in live environments. Topics include commonly encountered acoustical problems and the equipment and techniques used to overcome them. Students develop knowledge of signal flow, mixing board operation, microphone choice and placement, preparing and managing recording sessions both in the studio and on-site (e.g., Herrick Chapel, Bird Studio, etc.), and delivering assets for the mix. Semi-weekly hands-on, guided set-up and operation of recording sessions of various sizes and ensembles help illustrate concepts and allow students to learn through experience. These experiences include recording single instrumentalists, vocalists, acoustic and electronic instruments, and on-campus student recitals and concerts. Permission of instructor required.


4 units


MUSC 148 (with a grade of B- or higher)

Core Requirements Met

  • Fine Arts