2019-2020 Catalog

INT 200 Internship

Internships for credit must be educational experimental opportunities that meet the criteria established by Occidental.  INT 200 is a two unit course. A student may only enroll in one INT 200 internship course per semester. Students that have earned the maximum 4-units may take additional INT 100 courses for zero units, which will appear on the transcript. In addition to the criteria listed above, the student must secure an on-campus faculty supervisor to assign, supervise, and approve the academic component of the internship. The faculty supervisor must be a full-time faculty member on-campus. The reflective component and performance evaluations, coordinated by the HCC, are shared with the faculty supervisor and may be used at the discretion of the faculty supervisor when grading the internship.May be repeated once for a total of four units toward the degree.  Graded on a Credit/No Credit basis only.


2 units


Permission of Career Center