2019-2020 Catalog

MAC 245 Topics in Media Production

This practice based course focuses on a specific topic in media production. Students will explore the propensities and challenges of a particular production approach, model, technology, or aesthetic practice through the creation of a series of media projects. Classes will include screenings, readings, and discussion that situate these practices conceptually, ethically, and culturally but the emphasis is on hands-on project creation as a means of understanding the production topic at hand.

Exploring 360º Video and Immersive Installations

Do 360 video cameras, VR headsets, and immersive screen installations represent a paradigmatic change in production, artistic conception, and audience experience? This course will introduce students to the foundational methods, technology, aesthetic approaches, and cultural and ethical considerations of live-action immersive media creation for both VR headsets and video installations. Students will work in a collaborative environment to conceive and execute a series of projects using 360 video cameras and traditional digital video cameras. Projects will include narrative, documentary, and experimental approaches. Students will be encouraged to investigate how live-action 360 video and immersive installations differ from, and are aligned with, traditional screen-based media. No previous filmmaking experience is required.


4 units

Core Requirements Met

  • Fine Arts