Major Requirements


A major requires a minimum of nine classes including the senior seminar. Students are required to take courses that reflect the interrelated aspects of the major:



CSLC 200Literature, Culture, Self: Being in the Wor(l)d

4 units

Foreign language

Students must select three 300-level courses in German, Greek, Latin, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. GRK 201, LATN 201, GERM 202, and RUSN 202 may also be used to fulfill this requirement.

Literary and Cultural Studies

Students must select two CSLC courses from the 100- or 200-level.

*This course is preferably chosen from outside the student’s major language concentration (courses outside the department allowed by approval)

Interdisciplinary requirement

Students must complete two additional courses which reflect a thematic or comparative language based concentration. The two interdisciplinary courses should be chosen in consultation with the student’s adviser.

Senior Seminar

Students must pass a language proficiency exam prior to the beginning of their senior year and enrollment in the senior seminar. Please consult the departmental website for current information about courses which satisfy requirements.