2020-2021 Catalog

ARTS 230 Interdisciplinary Arts

This course invites students with previous art experience from across the College, including visual arts, music, theater, creative writing, MAC, etc., to explore genre-crossing art. The course will focus on the specialty of the faculty member, including video installation, sound art, performance art, site-specific art, collaborative projects, community based projects and social practice art.  The class meets twice per week for technical demonstrations, in-class art making, visiting artists, and critical feedback, along with out of class visits to contemporary art and performance venues. Permission of instructor required.

Visualizing Sound

Sound Arts takes a cross-disciplinary approach to utilizing sound as a stand-alone installation or integrated within other media. Many contemporary artists are interested in incorporating sound into their projects but may not know how to approach and accomplish that integration. Because sound is ephemeral it can be used in an infinite number of ways to infer complex relationships. The challenge of using sound is that of translating ideas into the sonic medium and then reproducing that medium back into physical space. In this class students will learn about sound and discover ways to apply sound to express a deeper theoretical practice. Practical sound related techniques will be explored, as will their application through skills like deep listening, recording techniques for best capture practices, basics of the Digital Audio Workstation, and the use of sound reproducing systems. Students will collaborate on a project over the course of the semester with an exhibition in the OXY Arts Space at the end of the semester with an opportunity for performance.


4 units


Any two Art History, Studio Art, Media Arts & Culture, Music, Theater, or Creative Writing courses

Core Requirements Met

  • Fine Arts