2022-2023 Catalog

Key Policies

Students of Occidental College strive for high standards of excellence, equity, community and service. This endeavor requires an environment in which each individual is able to flourish. Since the Occidental student body is diverse and passionate, maintaining this community is a process that is as constant and challenging as it is rewarding.

The Occidental community is a community of difference. Divergent opinions and beliefs are not simply necessary to the community — they constitute it. Oxy students confront the possibility of disagreement, opposition and conflict in each day’s activities. This can be a trying and difficult endeavor. Oxy students are united in their agreement that they are enriched by these engagements. They assert that the constructive and critical examination of their beliefs leads to intellectual, personal, and social fulfillment. Therefore, protecting the integrity of their discourse is a matter of collective concern.

This principle of honor stems from a common agreement to adhere to standards of engagement that preserve the graciousness of our exchange. This requires that students engage one another honestly, but also responsibly and respectfully. The students of Occidental define community standards and agree to advance this principle. These standards are neither static nor imposed on them; rather, they are determined by students. It follows that they continuously defend, implement, and revise this principle themselves. They mutually recognize that their principle of honor serves to preserve the passion and difference that is the Occidental Community.

Student Conduct

The Dean of Students Office and/or the Office of Student Conduct may direct the Registrar to place a hold on a student’s College records while conduct proceedings are pending, as part of a sanction involving restitution for damages to a complainant, complaining witness, or College property, or as part of an outstanding educational assignment. 

The College will notate the student's transcript with "Administrative Matter Pending," once a formal investigation of alleged misconduct has begun for all Title IX cases and any Student Conduct case that may result in suspension or expulsion. That notation will be removed after the conduct and/or Title IX process has been completed. In instances where both processes are undertaken, the notation will be removed after the last process is completed.

In any case in which the final outcome is either "suspension" or "expulsion," the sanction will be permanently noted on the transcript. In addition, the dates of the suspension or expulsion will be noted on the transcript.

Please see the Student Handbook for college policies, including the Code of Student Conduct. Also see link of Sexual Respect and Title IX.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Students are encouraged to review the Alcohol and Other Drugs policy, which is outlined in the Student Handbook.


All vehicles, including motorcycles, parked on campus by students or employees must be registered with the Campus Safety department and display a valid parking permit. Permits are obtained through the Campus Safety department. Vehicles that are unregistered or do not display a permit are not entitled to park on campus. Temporary parking permits are available for guests and visitors. All persons operating a vehicle on campus are required to comply with the Occidental College Parking and Traffic Regulations (available at Campus Safety and in the Student Handbook) and the California Vehicle Code. Violators will be cited.

Parking permits are not transferable and may be used only by the driver and the vehicle they are issued to. The forging, fabricating or altering of a parking permit is prohibited.

Emmons Wellness Center

Occidental College takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard the health, physical and emotional wellbeing, and safety of students. Students are required to complete personal health forms and turn them into Emmons Wellness Center prior to enrollment. The Center follows California state law with respect to privacy and confidentiality of mental health information and adheres to HIPAA guidelines with respect to all medical information. All medical information is confidential and may only be accessed by the student (age 18 and above).

Emmons provides students with high-quality medical care, preventive health and wellness education, supportive psychological counseling services, outreach programs including sexual assault education, advocacy and links to important community resources.

Emmons also provides a 24/7 Confidential Hotline to assist students with immediate or important mental or emotional health and sexual assault-related concerns. Students can access the hotline by calling (323) 341-4141.

For more information and current health information, call the Center at (323) 259-2657 or http://www.oxy.edu/emmons-wellness-centerl.

Oxy Student Health Insurance and Waiver Process

Under the Affordable Care Act, all Americans are required by law to have health insurance. As of Jan. 1, 2014, many new insurance requirements were added that are now reflected in the 2022-23 Oxy Student Health Insurance Plan. For the 2022-2023 academic year, students and families may attempt to waive the Oxy plan by verifying adequate coverage in Southern California with an ACA accredited health insurance plan. Students must have access to both primary care services and specialty services to qualify for a waiver; plans that offer urgent and emergency benefits only in the State of California do not meet the minimum requirements. Please note that international students are required to purchase the Oxy student health insurance plan, and may not waive.

Students are required to complete the waiver process by August 15, 2022 for the 2022-23 academic year. Those who cannot waive are automatically enrolled into the plan. For more information or to start the waiver process, hosted by JCB Insurance, please go to: www.jcbins.com.

Property Insurance

The College is not responsible for any loss of or damage to students’ personal property.

Students or their parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance coverage on personal belongings brought to campus. Parents may wish to review their current homeowner’s policy for possible coverage.

For information about health insurance (accident and sickness), please refer to the Health Services section.

Residential Education and Housing Services 

Occidental is a residential college that supports an integrated living and learning environment. The intellectual vitality of the institution extends to every residence hall on campus.

Accommodations in the residence halls include single, double, and triple rooms. All students in residence (except Berkus House, SAE, Theta House and Food Justice) must select one of the meal plans available.

Students entering Occidental will be required to live on campus for their first three years. New students are assigned housing based on the information they provide on the Residence Information Form. In recognition of the specific needs of first-year students, first-year students will be housed together in a community that offers a comprehensive program of support and education for life outside the classroom.

Housing agreements are for the entire academic year (two consecutive semesters). Students who withdraw from the semester will be prorated based upon the tuition withdrawal schedule. Students previously matriculated apply for residence during room draw through the Office of Residential Education and Housing Services.

The Housing and Meal Plan License Agreement is a nine-month agreement and students may be released from the License Agreement without charges only under the following conditions:

  1. Withdrawal from the College, completion of degree program, leave of absence, or participation in an approved Oxy study-abroad program.
  2. Marriage (the College reserves the right to request proof of marriage prior to granting a cancellation).
  3. Birth of a child.

Senior standing students, with written notification to Residential Education and Housing Services are able to cancel their housing for the following year. Please check the Residential Education and Housing Services page for cancelation dates.

The halls and dining room are closed during winter break. The services of Emmons Wellness Center, the health staff and Counseling Center staff are not available when the residence halls are closed.

The College reserves the right to entertain delegates to association meetings, conventions, and other related groups in the residence halls during vacation periods. Resident students will be notified in advance of such contemplated occasions and assurance given to them that the College will use every reasonable precaution to safeguard personal property during such occupancy.

The College reserves the right to enter the rooms of students living in the residence halls, and has the right to dispose of articles left by residents.

The College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to student possessions.