2023-2024 Catalog

International Opportunities

Over half of Occidental’s four-dozen semester and summer study abroad programs include opportunities for internships or community-engaged projects. Participants test theories, concepts, and competencies encountered on campus in dynamic intercultural settings and set a course for global citizenship. Most earn academic credit and some tackle significant research projects. From Amsterdam to Rabat, from Cape Town to Lima, and from Tokyo to Beijing, participants expect to grow in their capacity to lead in a complex world, contribute to solving transnational problems, compete in the global workforce, and thrive in intercultural situations. Students consider community engagement abroad among their most power learning experiences.

The International Programs Office manages the United Nations semester, Washington Semester and Campaign Semester and education abroad (study and research) and provides specialized services to international students and scholars.

All study abroad during the academic year or during college vacation periods and all student travel sponsored by the College must be pre-approved by the International Programs Office. Generally, eligibility includes good academic and conduct standing and a 3.0 GPA. Specific programs may have additional eligibility or pre-requisites.

Credits earned abroad during fall or spring semester are considered in-residence Occidental credits and therefore count in the GPA and honors calculations. Summer/winter study abroad is transfer credit. College financial aid transfers to fall and spring semester study abroad, but not summer study abroad.