2023-2024 Catalog

Commencement Ceremony Participation Requirements

To fully participate in the Commencement ceremony, a student must have met all requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. A student who has completed all core requirements (including foreign language proficiency), all major requirements, the writing proficiency requirements, successfully completed the senior comprehensive requirement, and has completed a minimum of 124 units, or who will have completed at least these requirements upon completion of courses for which a grade of CIP has been recorded at the time senior grades are submitted, may walk in the Commencement ceremony without receiving their diploma.

A student who does not meet the requirements to walk in the Commencement ceremony may submit to the Student Progress Committee a petition for special consideration to walk in the ceremony without receiving their diploma. These petitions will be accepted no later than the last day of classes, and are approved only in rare cases in which extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated.

Students receiving a failing grade required for a Core, major, writing proficiency, or comprehensive examination requirement at the end of the second semester of the senior year will not be eligible to participate in that year's ceremony.