2023-2024 Catalog

ASN 253 The Golden Era: Literature of China's Tang and Song Dynasty

The Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279) are known as Golden Ages in Chinese history, and also generally acknowledged to be the greatest ages of shi and ci poetry. This course introduces the major literary genres and authors of the Tang and Song Dynasties, as well as literati culture emerging during this era. It will focus primarily on the art of poetry, as well as some other cultural forms such as painting and calligraphy, with attention to relevant historical, biographical, and literary-historical contexts. Students will discover the key role that literature played in Chinese court politics, empire building, and institutionalized learning; as well as how it shed light on gender and women’s status, war and knight-errantry, Daoist and Buddhist traditions, and more. The primary texts are translated in English, so knowledge of Chinese is not required.


4 units

Cross Listed Courses

CSLC 253

Core Requirements Met

  • Regional Focus
  • Pre-1800