2023-2024 Catalog

Transfer Credit Policies


Given the distinct course approaches engaged by MAC, particular required courses in the major must be completed at Occidental: Gateway classes: MAC 143, MAC 145, MAC 146; Required Production Concentration Courses: MAC 240, MAC 355; Junior Seminar: MAC 390; and Senior Seminars: MAC 490, MAC 491, MAC 492

A maximum of 8 pre-approved Art Center College of Design Exchange or other transfer credit units can be counted as MAC elective units.

Given the demand for the MAC major and the particular sequencing of classes, transfer students entering as juniors are not able to pursue the MAC major but are welcome to consult with MAC faculty in developing a five-course MAC minor. Transfer students with first-year or sophomore class standing seeking to major in MAC may count a maximum of 12 chair-approved transfer credit units towards the MAC major.


For Oxy matriculants, no transfer courses are accepted for the minor. For students who transferred to Oxy or returned from a leave of absence, the one study abroad course permitted in the minor requirements can instead be a transfer course. 

Online Courses

Any requests for online transfer courses must be assessed by the chair factoring in the institution’s accreditation, hours of lecture/contact, nature of assigned readings/ screenings, nature of written analytical and reflective assignments, nature of other projects, exams, or assignments, and the level of discussion/ presentation/ reflection demonstrated by the course. Please provide a full syllabus for chair’s consideration.