2023-2024 Catalog

Second-Stage Writing

Students majoring in Economics will satisfy the Second-Stage Writing Proficiency Requirement by arranging (with the instructor) for ECON 272 or an eligible ECON 300-level course to be designated as the student's writing course. Students need to notify the instructor of the course they are wishing to designate as their writing course before the end of the semester in which they are taking the course. Writing courses cannot be retroactively counted. Also, students can only designate one course as their writing course in a given semester. Writing proficiency will be determined through faculty assessment of written work and is independent of the course grade. The Second-Stage Writing Requirement must be satisfactorily completed by May of the student's junior year. Students who fail the requirement or who fail to meet the deadline will be required to both take and pass a college writing course in the senior year, WRD 201. Students should familiarize themselves with the departmental writing requirement at the time of declaring the major. See information about the two Stage Writing Proficiency Requirement  in the college catalog and consult your major adviser and/or the Writing Programs Director for additional information.