2023-2024 Catalog


Kinesiology encompasses the study of human development, anatomy, physiology, mechanics, and motor learning. Within each sub discipline students study positive and negative stressors that govern human performance. In addition, discussions focus on numerous clinical conditions, and the exercise, nutritional, and medical techniques used to prevent and control these problems. The purpose of this major is to develop and integrate the concepts and principles from each sub-discipline to understand the complexity of the human mind and body. This major prepares students for advanced studies in medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, kinesiology, and other related life science programs.

Departmental Mission Statement: Our mission is to foster in a diverse group of students an understanding and appreciation of human functions and to encourage and develop learning skills that enhance their personal and professional growth.


  • Critical Thinking. Students should learn how to engage in critical, evidence-based thinking.
  • Integration across Levels of Analysis. Students should understand and integrate different levels of analysis in their working model of human form and function.
  • Mastery of Core Knowledge. Students are expected to master a significant proportion of the vocabulary and core body of knowledge in Kinesiology.
  • Mastery of Discipline-Specific Conventions. Majors should be able to read and understand the primary source literature in Kinesiology (journals and books) and to integrate and present that information in prescribed, discipline-specific ways, including oral and written exposition.