2023-2024 Catalog

Comprehensive Requirement

The comprehensive requirement in Mathematics has two parts. 

The first part is the successful completion of MATH 300: Junior Colloquium.  The second part requires successful completion for a letter grade for a total of four units in one or more of the following:

MATH 395 (Special Topics in Advanced Mathematics) 

MATH 400 (Senior Seminar) 

MATH 497 (Independent Study) 

MATH 499 (Honors Senior Seminar)

A student wishing to complete the senior comprehensive requirements through MATH 497 or MATH 499 must find a faculty member in the Mathematics Department willing to supervise the independent study/honors thesis. 

A student who successfully completes both parts of the Comprehensive requirement will receive a grade of P. To pass the comprehensive requirements with distinction a student must give a 20 minute talk and submit a 10-page paper that more than one faculty member evaluate as being distinctive. The paper and talk must be in the context of any of the courses  that fulfill the comprehensive requirement (MATH 395 or MATH 397 or MATH 400 or MATH 499).

Further information is available from the department.