2023-2024 Catalog



Eleven courses (44 units) are required to complete the major.

SOC 101Introduction to Sociology

4 units


SOC 102Introduction to Sociology: Global Perspectives

4 units


SOC 105Immigrant Youth and Youth Cultures

4 units



SOC 304Sociological Inquiry

4 units

SOC 490Senior Seminar in Sociology

4 units


Students must select one course from below:

SOC 200Classical Sociological Theory: Marx, Weber, Durkheim

4 units

SOC 205Contemporary Sociological Theory

4 units


Students must select one from the list below:

SOC 305Quantitative Research Methods

4 units

SOC 306Qualitative Research Methods

4 units


Choose six additional courses from within the department

The Sociology Department encourages students to declare the major by the end of their first year.

Second-Stage Writing

Students majoring in Sociology will satisfy the second-stage component of Occidental College's college-wide writing requirement by completing any 300-level Sociology course by the end of the fall semester of the junior year with a grade of B- or higher. Students should familiarize themselves with the departmental requirement at the time of declaring the major. See the Writing Program and consult the department chair for additional information.


Students will engage in a major research project that will culminate in a written senior thesis.

Honors in the Major

A distinctive ("PD") comprehensive senior thesis based on primary research along with a 3.5 grade point average in the department and 3.25 overall.


Five courses (20 units) in Sociology for which at most one of SOC 101 and SOC 102 may count. The remaining four courses are electives that students may select from all the other courses offered by the department.