2023-2024 Catalog

Comprehensive Requirement

The Department has established standards of excellence in theoretical analysis, performance, devising and production that our students meet by completing a comprehensive project in the senior year.

Information concerning all phases of the senior project can be obtained from the Department Chair.

The department accomplishes the college objectives for the Senior Comprehensive by having each candidate, having completed the THEA 121/THEA 122 requirement, (1) propose a creative or research project; (2) submit a paper of research and/or preparation during the comprehensive process, to be discussed with the faculty; and (3) execute the project. Projects may include but are not limited to acting, directing, design, playwriting, stage management, technical direction, theater management, devising, and scholarly research. 


Required Courses for Comps Areas

In addition to fulfilling all required courses for the major, to get approved for a comps in a specific area, please see below requirements:


Directing Required Courses

1. THEA 410: Directing

2. Work as an assistant director or stage manager on faculty or guest directed performance (or comparable experience TBD with faculty)

3. A 4 unit performance class that includes a component of translating text from the page to the stage in addition to THEA 110 

4. Recommended: Choreography 


Acting Required Courses

  1. 1. THEA 210: Acting

  2. 2. A 4 unit advanced acting/performance course 

  3. 3. A 1 unit dance class

  4. 4. Perform in a mainstage or studio show (or TBD with faculty)


Playwriting Required Courses

  1. 1. Playwriting THEA 380

  2. 2. Participation in the NPF as a part other than (or in addition to) a performer


Independent Devised Projects

  1. 1. Topics in performance; generating independent theater

  2. 2. Two advanced classes (8 units)  in acting, directing, playwriting, devising, dance

  3. 3. Comps class fall and spring senior year (6 units)

  4. 4. Before your senior year, help on a senior comps devised project


Tech Required Courses

  1. 1. Assist in area of interest

  2. 2. Advanced class in area of interest


Design Required Courses

  1. 1. Assist in design in area of interest at least once

  2. 2. Advanced class in that area of design

    1.   a. For Costume Design (Costume Design and Costume Construction or Period Styles) 


Research Paper Courses

  1. 1. A theory/history/literature class in addition to THEA 301

  2. 2. *Recommended, not required, apply for URC summer funding for summer research for your comps project