2023-2024 Catalog

Payment of Student Accounts

Tuition and fees may be paid according to one of the following payment plans:

  Number of Payments Payment Due Dates
Semester Plan Two payments Aug 1, 2023; Jan 5, 2024
Monthly Payment Plan * Five payments per semester First of each month beginning Aug 1, 2023 through May 1, 2024

*Requires a deferred payment fee of $50 per semester.

Prior to registration, students will be requested to provide information on meal plan selection, full- or part-time status, payment plan, etc.

Based upon this information, tuition and fee charges will be calculated and billings emailed prior to the appropriate payment due date for the semester. Credits to the student’s account for financial aid and sponsored assistance will be prorated by semester.

Payments must be received by the due dates indicated to obtain final clearance to register and to avoid a late payment assessment. If an individual writes two checks to the College returned for any reason, that individual will lose check writing privileges at the College. The College always accepts cashier’s checks and money orders. Checks written by an Occidental student to a College department that are returned by the bank for any reason will be applied to the tuition account of that student. Actual charges will be calculated from academic registration information. Each semester, all accounts are reviewed by the Business Office and must be current in order to have enrollment confirmed.

The College will not register a student, nor confer a degree, on any student or former student who has a financial obligation to the College (other than a loan not yet due). All graduating seniors must satisfy all financial obligations to the College with the Business Office by May 15. Failure to do so will cause the diploma to be withheld.