2023-2024 Catalog

Special Fees

Application $60
Auditors - Lecture Course (per semester unit) 1,310
Auditors - Laboratory and Creative Art Course (per semester unit) 2,620

Replacement of lost ID card with same photo


 ID card replacement 2nd - 4th card


 ID card replacement 5th - 9th card


 ID card replacement 10th card or higher

Replacement of lost ID card with new photo  25 
Course exemption by examination 30
Credit by examination (based on individual study) (per semester unit, for students enrolled in 11 or fewer units ) 1,310
Monthly payment fee (per semester) 50
Duplicate diploma fee 50
Graduate study, other Per semester unit 2,620
Karate 125
*Late add (per week starting with the third week of classes to add a 4-unit class) 30
*Late add (per week starting with the eighth week of classes to add a 1- or 2-unit class) 30
Late payment on account 25
Late clearance fee 100
Music group instruction 385
Music private instruction lessons per semester 660 or 1320
Occidental Semester Abroad application 65
Thesis candidate status (graduate students) 60
Thesis for M.A. degree, binding, per copy 15
Official transcript 10

* Late add fees may be reduced based on financial need.