2023-2024 Catalog

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Since faculty engagements and other commitments are made by the College for the entire year in advance, the following tuition adjustment schedule has been established in order that the College and the student may share the cost equitably when it is necessary for a student to drop a course or withdraw from the College.

Status Change from Full-Time to Part-Time

The College refund policy for students dropping from full-time status to part-time status is effective only for the first five weeks of the semester. Students who register at the beginning of the term as full-time and elect to drop to part-time status will be billed on a per-unit basis (11 or fewer units).  After the fifth week of classes, no adjustment will be made and the student will be billed at the regular full-time rate.

Part-Time Status

To be considered part-time, a student must petition the Registrar’s Office and be approved. Attending courses with 11 or fewer units without an approved petition from the Registrar does not constitute part-time status and the student will be subject to full-time tuition and fees.

Withdrawal from the College

Students who withdraw during the semester may be eligible for refunds, depending upon the time of the withdrawal. Students must give written notification to the registrar of their decision to withdraw and complete all withdrawal procedures to be eligible for any refunds.

Eligibility for tuition refunds is as follows:

Withdrawal During Amount of Tuition Refunded
First five days of classes* 90%
Sixth through 10th day of classes* 80%
11th through 15th day of classes* 70%
16th through 20th day of classes* 60%
21st through 25th day of classes* 50%
After 26th day of classes* 0%

*Days of classes are defined as any business day when any classes are held.

Board charges will be prorated to the date of change in status, except that adjustments will not be made for an absence of one week or less nor for the first week of a prolonged absence.

Adjustments to room charges will be made only in accordance with the terms of the room contract.

No adjustment will be made to student body, and health insurance fees.

No adjustment except for board will be made for a student who is suspended, dismissed, expelled, or asked to leave the College for any reason. Student scholarship aid will be prorated according to published guidelines and government regulations.