2024-2025 Catalog

Financial Aid

Occidental College has a long history of providing educational opportunities to qualified students from various economic backgrounds. More than 75% of the Occidental student body receives some form of financial aid.

Varying amounts of financial aid are awarded to qualified students. Financial aid is given in the form of merit scholarships, need-based grants, student loans, and on-campus employment. Aid offers are based upon a family's calculated financial need and the resources available from endowment, annual gifts, the general funds of the College, and federal and state sources.

With the exception of a small number of merit scholarship programs, financial aid is offered based on a student’s financial need according to federal, state, and institutional policies. The College evaluates family resources in a consistent and equitable manner with the guiding principle that a student is the primary beneficiary of the education and thus has, with their family, the primary obligation to finance educational expenses to the extent that they are able. Financial need is considered to be the difference between the cost of attendance for one year less a family's calculated family contribution, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial assistance for international students is extremely limited. International students are only considered for institutional aid at the time of admission. Further information regarding financial aid for international students is available from the Office of Admission.

Student Eligibility

To receive aid from the programs discussed in this catalog, you must:

  • be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or an eligible non-citizen

  • have a valid Social Security number 

  • have a high school diploma, GED certificate or its equivalent

  • be enrolled at least half-time (at least 6 units)

  • maintain satisfactory academic progress

  • be admitted as a degree seeking student

  • meet other eligibility requirements as required by state and federal law

The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to helping students successfully finance an Occidental education. If at any time you have a question or concern, please contact us at:

Occidental College

Office of Financial Aid 

1600 Campus Road F-35

Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 259-2548 


Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid publishes a policy handbook each academic year and it is the student's responsibility to know and understand these policies if the student is a recipient of financial aid. The programs, policies, and procedures as published in this catalog are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change.